Monday, January 25, 2016

The Dennis Moore memorial dinner: a three course meal composed (almost) entirely of lupins

1 year, 8 months, and 16 days ago, I received my first shipment of lupins. I had a dream. That dream was to honor my hero Dennis Moore by making a three course meal composed in the greatest part possible by lupins. Today that journey has come to a successful conclusion.

Roasted lupins (made roughly according to this recipe for chickpeas) in yellow curry seasoning.

Main course:
Lupin sprout salad topped with lupin-battered lupin tempe (I made the tempe from dehulled lupins. To bread it, I cut the tempe into narrow strips, soaked them in water for 15 minutes, tossed them with a mix of lupin flour salt and ground coriander, and fried them in canola oil) and drizzled with lupin sauce (lupin paste mixed with salt and fried in canola oil, then diluted with water and mixed with a dash of vinegar).

A side of lupin crackers (made by this recipe, except with lupin flour substituted for besan) with lupin hummus

Lupin ice cream and a lupin cookie


lupin ice tea smoothie (lupin paste blended with sugar, black tea, and ice)


Overall, I would say that the meal was delicious. The crackers may have been a bit tough, and the ice-cream a bit bitter, and not everything was seasoned perfectly. But the hummus compensated nicely for the toughness of the crackers, and dipping cookies in the ice cream made the bitterness almost unnoticeable.

It's been a fun adventure. If you're afraid this is the end for lupin posts at this blog, don't worry! I still have two more articles planned before calling it quits on lupins for a while.

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