Sunday, January 31, 2016

Real Dennis Moore meals

Previously, I made a Dennis Moore memorial dinner using mostly just lupins as the ingredients. In the sketch there are actually a number of foods named those foods are: lupin soup, roast lupin, steamed lupin, braised lupin in lupin sauce, lupin in the basket with sauted lupins, lupin meringue pie, lupin sorbet.

At one time or another, I have all of those foods (except Lupin meringue pie, which I'm still working on) and present them to you here.

Highlights are the lupin sorbet (which is much better than my version of lupin ice-cream), and the lupin soup, which is also delicious.

Lupin soup

roast lupin

steamed lupin

Braised lupin in lupin sauce

Lupin in the basket with sauteed lupins
lupin sorbet


  1. Hi Sean,

    Do you have the recipe for your lupin sorbet available by any chance? Would love to try it!


    1. I don't remember exactly what I did. In this case I think there were only three ingredients: lupin puree (lupins that have been boiled, and then blended until smooth), water, and sugar. I mixed them together and then froze the mixture with an ice cream maker (I used the Cuisinart ICE-21).

      When I was doing these recipes, I was trying not use any ingredients that weren't lupins. If I were to do it again without that restriction, I would probably use milk (or a milk substitute such as coconut milk) instead of water, and maybe add something to improve the texture, such as Xanthan gum.

      The ratio of liquid to lupin puree is mostly a matter of preference. I think it will still turn out well across a wide range of thicknesses.

      If you don't have access to an ice cream maker, it is still possible to make sorbets. You can find lots of clever methods around the Internet. The simplest is probably just to chill the mix in the refrigerator then pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it in the freezer. If you do that, I think it will work best with a thick base.

      I hope some of that information is helpful.