Thursday, January 22, 2015

Match The Mustelidae: a weasel themed memory game

In keeping with the recent trend of posting projects from my misspent youth, I present to you "Match the Mustelidae", which was the second "complete" game I ever made, right after Fasmo (which I will post later).

It's a "memory" clone. There are a bunch of face down cards, when you click one it flips over to reveal a picture (taken from wikipedia) of a mustelid. If you flip over two cards with the same image, they disappear, otherwise they just flip back over. If you clear all the cards before time runs out, you win! The game was made with Adventure Game Studio in 2006 or so, and for the sole purpose of impressing a particular girl.

Here's the link to the zip of the Window executable.
The exciting gameplay of Match the Mustelidae

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