Thursday, March 19, 2015

DNA and RNA Nucleotide Structure and Mnemonics Video

I've been planning to do a video about DNA and RNA nucleotide mnemonics for quite a while. I finally got around to making that video. I think I have a unique take on the mnemonics at least that may be helpful for some people. Hopefully this will make up for all the other goofy/useless videos I've been posting... I need to get something for my mic that makes it so it doesn't amplify my breathing so bad. Also, I need to say "umm" less, and instead of making half-under-my-breath asides, I should just say those things loudly like everything else. Other than that, I think it's a good video.

In summary:
The nucleotide mnemonic I use is:
GACT. I like it because it's goofy sounding, so it's easy to remember. The purines are before the pyrimidines (just like purine comes first in the dictionary). you can rearrange it like so:
to remember that G binds to C and A binds to T. GC bonds are stronger than AT bonds. So that pair comes first.

for RNA, it becomes GACU (pronounced: "Gackoo"). Everything about GACT is also true about GACU. If you can remember both, you will easily be able to remember that U replaces T in RNA.

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